Nostalgic Adversaries

Moscow Biennale for Young Art

More than any other sphere of competition between the USSR and the US, the space race captured the imagination of the world. A Russian would call it a cosmonaut, an American would call it an astronaut. Despite their differences on earth, they shared one objective in space.

Sad Mascots — as seen on CBC Arts Canada

Catch the entire episode featuring Joel Koczwarski on  "Interrupt this Program" on CBC TV country-wide in Canada.

"...I look for Art that is intelligent, aesthetically pleasing and conscious of the art historical tenant that it fits within, Koczwarski’s work certainly delivers on all three principles. His socio-political argument is captured in beautiful images that enhance the tradition of monochrome photography."

- Joseph Friedrich, London, UK (SohoCreate, PhotoFusion)

"Joel Koczwarski is quite simply one of the most skilled photographers we've ever come across."

- Pixel Union, Victoria, Canada

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